Recently visited the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, and was introduced to "Scotland's Moving Image Archive", which has been collecting and preserving films since 1976.  It's a real treasure trove for those interested in local history and looking at the old film footage really gives a flavour of what it was like to live in many places in Scotland in times gone by.  A visit there will include an introduction to the archive, plus help to get the most from searching their catalogue.  All of Scots life can be seen: adverts, documentaries, home movies, promotional films, amateur comedies, educational programmes and more. Whatever you search for, you are bound to come across a film that will interest and surprise you. Many of the films can be viewed online and I suggest getting the Free book called "Getting started with the Moving Image Archive" on Evenbrite, or phone 0845 366 4629 for further details.  The website is to be found under National Library of Scotland - Moving Image Archive.


13 November 2017 attended Society of Antiquaries of Scotland lecture "From Banditry to Books, from Reiving to Screeving".  This covered The Borders Enlightenment and was given by by Professor Ted Cowan Hon FSA Scot Emeritus Professor of Scottish History and Literature, University of Glasgow.  A very interesting subject concerning the inhabitants of that area – who caused chaos and bloodshed, a law unto themselves, who chose to be Scottish when they would – and became involved with that movement.  He talked about various research documents and books, such as the diary of Thomas Beattie, Muckeldale; Cadewallader Colden of Duns who went to the USA (a Covenanter); Dr Mark Towsey’s various publications; James Hutton, founder of modern geology and many others.  


June 2018 Scotlandspeople Centre now has Wifi!!!!!



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