I am a member (and former council member) of ASGRA and, as such, have passed stringent assessments, thus proving my competency as a professional researcher.  Part of my work involves continuous professional development, which involves attending courses and lectures and visiting new repositories.  This is extremely important in order to keep abreast of new developments in the genealogy field.


I have taught classes for beginners in family history at Livingston and assisted with various roadshows and "Gies a Haun (Give a Hand) " evenings with West Lothian Family History Society - all which were really interesting.


I have been researching family history for many years now, initially by looking at my own family's history.  I have built up my experience in this field by utilizing numerous resources such as the National Records of Scotland , the National Library of Scotland (including their map library), Edinburgh City Archives, Glasgow City Archives, Glasgow University Archives, local archives all over Scotland etc.  My enthusiasm has not diminished through the years and I view each new commission as a real challenge. If there is something to be found, I will utilise all my skills to find it!

Although there are a great number of websites available for individuals starting their own family research, many of these contain information which may not be accurate, so they need to be verified by looking at the statutory records themselves at source.  This is very important!  Numerous records cannot be sourced online, however, and it is only by visiting the repositories in person that one is able to gain a full insight into the family's history.  Most importantly, part of the professional researcher's skill is in knowing which additional records are available and where to find them.



Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (FSA Scot)


Member of West Lothian Family History Society 


Member of Scottish Local History Forum




Articles written for several publications, including History Scotland and  Family Tree


Courses takenEdinburgh University:

Scotland's Long 19th Century 1815-1914
The Scots Abroad 1750-1950


I am a member of the West Lothian Family History Society. I have also carried out voluntary work for the society, which includes assisting at various road shows and workshops in the community to educate individuals on family history, as well as transcribing documents. I was editor of the journal - The Oak Tree for 8 years and still enjoy writing about all aspects of family history.

I am a member of the Scottish Local History Forum, whose aims include advancing education and research in Scottish local history.

Oral History Interviewer:

I worked as an interviewer for the oral history project on the paper making industry in Linlithgow, in order to preserve the findings for posterity. Although paper-making was an important industry in Linlithgow for over 150 years, it held a more insignificant place in local folk memory than the other important industry of shoemaking.  As there was a lack of written records and photographs of the paper mills, this project was a way of recording some of its history before there were no surviving employees. West Lothian Local History Library (based in Linlithgow) now has a substantial amount of material on the paper mills. 

This project appealed to my love of social and local history.

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