I came to Margaret after encountering the proverbial “brick wall” in my search for my grandmother’s family in Scotland.  I had very little information to give Margaret: DOB, two named parents from a 1920 NY marriage license, and 3 old stories I recall my grandmother sharing: being orphaned and raised by her “Auntie”, seeing bodies at the sea shore at St. Andrews as a child, and sailing back to Scotland in 1917 to see an unknown dying relative in an unknown location.  Using this limited data, my own searching had yielded nothing:  no birth record, no immigration record, no marriage record, no parent death records, no Scotland census records, and no information about where my grandmother lived or came from in Scotland. 


Margaret enjoys solving mysteries, so she took the case.  Along the way, she discovered that even the things we thought we knew - the DOB and parents’ names – were wrong.  Despite this, Margaret found a person who fits every detail of my grandmother’s story with just slight modifications of the data.  The connections are so strong to the person Margaret found that I am 95% certain this is my grandmother.  I was not very hopeful, but I ended up tremendously impressed by Margaret’s problem-solving skills and her ability to puzzle through a really difficult search.  I would give her the highest recommend possible.

A. Glasgow U.S.A



A fascinating exercise carried out swiftly , with enthusiasm and expertise, even with a wee sense of humour by Margaret on my maternal and paternal family tree. The amount of detail she gleaned paints a picture (literally with some photos and lithographs plus extracts from old – really old- newspapers) of our family 3 and 4 generations back. It makes for a great read, warts and all, it has to be said.

It is here Margaret demonstrates her expertise in accessing material beyond what I thought was going to be possible, so that a real in-depth overview of interesting, perhaps even embarrassing, forebears are captured and passed on. It seems that she takes it as a personal challenge not just to deliver the simple facts via the family tree, such as who was married to whom , but to delve beyond the names into as much personal history and geography as possible - whether with military or commercial background , from the cities or the countryside.

If I had another family, I would ask her to carry out another review, and would recommend her to anybody wanting to check out their ancestry with a real expert, and a nice lady.

Fred Laing, Managing Director, Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd

I knew what I was looking for and had been meaning to research our Family Tree for a long time. However, never quite got around to it until I retired in March 2015. It was then that I met Margaret, who had such a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field going back many years. I was constantly amazed at her powers of “detective work” and I now have two magnificent fully researched volumes - one pertaining to the Family and one the business of John Watson and Company going back 200 years. Margaret is a delight to work with and her in-depth research took her to Libraries, Old Parish Records, Graveyard tombstones etc. No stone (pardon the pun!) was left unturned and correctly there was no attempt to “sugar coat “ the final copy. A factual account of our Family which myself and extensive relations now have in pride of place! Being a Master Printer I had a professional eye on how the final copy should be displayed. This added to the work, but Margaret was more than up to the task of interpreting my endless instructions! (Sorry Margaret!!) But I think all would agree the final dissertation and layout is nothing short of sensational.
Many thanks, Margaret!!

John Watson O.B.E. 


I just received your emails, and I have to tell you that I am absolutely amazed at the detailed level of information that you have been able to unearth.

Thank you very much for the report. You did a great job! It’s wonderful to read about the family history. It’s interesting to learn that the family moved about quite a bit before finally ending up in the US. It’s not easy to move from place to place with children in tow. The information about his military experience is also interesting.

Thank you so much for all of your endeavours. The report is above and beyond my expectations. You did a wonderful job. I am so pleased you were able to track the - - side of it as it makes so much sense. My sister had a sneaky suspicion that there was a connection but couldn't quite piece it together........

Wow, what a story! I was poised to reply the day I received your report but did not anticipate the waves of emotion which swept over me. Each day since then another interpretation presents itself. Your research has had an enormous impact on my life. You have solved a life long mystery. I am grateful beyond words.

"It has been a real pleasure working with Margaret. My father died earlier this year and because my parents divorced when I was quite young, I had a lot of gaps to fill about my family history. In sorting out his things I found a number of really interesting leads such as my grandmother's birth and marriage certificates, an obituary of my great-grandfather and his photograph album from the 1890s. I also inherited a pair of portraits which I remembered from my childhood home and was keen to identify. This has been such an interesting journey. I found Margaret's help invaluable. From the starting points I gave her, she carried out very thorough searches and put together my family tree, going into the families of all four of my father's grandparents. She has always been very prompt and professional, but it has also been a real pleasure that she has seemed to find my family as interesting as I do myself and through her I have been able to add real facts and dates to various family legends, as well as to identify my portraits. It has been a fascinating glimpse of Scottish history too, where my family owned mines in Lanarkshire and were benefactors of Glasgow University. It has made it all the more interesting that, as well as putting together my family tree, Margaret has consulted other sources relevant to the period we were looking at that have really made it much more possible to understand the times and places in which my family lived."

Catriona Wellesley, England

"I recently commissioned research into my mother's side of the family from Margaret Hubble. Both my wife and I were so impressed by the depth, accuracy and standard of presentation of the reports that we subsequently commissioned research into all of our parents' family trees. The service that we have received has always been one of utmost professionalism, courtesy and promptness. Margaret Hubble has provided us with an invaluable family heirloom and a fantastic foundation upon which future generations of our family can build." 

Dr Neil M Hamilton, Aberdeen

In looking for a valued service I struggled to find a provider that I could trust. I eventually came across Margaret's details whilst using a search engine. It soon came to light that I had struck gold! The professional manner of conducting business was complimented by light-hearted communication. The enthusiasm she has shown towards pleasing me, as a customer, is admirable. I would recommend Margaret to anyone who wishes accuracy in Scottish ancestry and a trust in her evaluation. On the financial front, I have found her services fair and reserved in billing when having due regard to the additional effort she puts into her work. You will be making a wise move to hire Margaret in your projects if you require a conscientious worker. I think she is one of a dying breed who actually cares about her work.

Michael Rennie, Aberdeen


"I have just finished reading both presentations. You have produced something that is way beyond what I was expecting! This is an excellent piece of work and I know without any fear of contradiction that my wife is going to be over the moon (and then some!!), when she receives this. It has been worth every penny. If I ever hear of anyone else who would like a similar history I would have no hesitation to give them your name."

Douglas Ross, Fife


"Bless you, Margaret. Being genealogy amateurs, the family members could never have recovered this information, even with access to the archives. I am surprised to see that the family name is Ayre and not Ayres. Guess we'll never know why Grandad used the "s." There will probably be other surprises as I examine the other files. Again, thank you so much. The family will be delighted to have this background information to review prior to the trip to Scotland." Jim Ayre, Alabama. USA

"I received your wonderfully presented research of my family this morning, and have spent the last hour reading it. Seeing my family history in black and white is fascinating and I will try to find out more when I have time. I have 7 brothers and sisters and they are really looking forward to seeing it, as well as my 2 sons who used to listen with such interest to my father's tales of Edinburgh. I would like it if you could research some more for me in the future if you have the time. Letitia Linfield, Essex

"Thank you for the very comprehensive history which you produced for my brother's 50th birthday. It was such a great surprise for him and we all enjoyed reading it. It was amazing to find out that our great, great, great grandfather had been a missionary in Malacca as well as a surgeon in Dumbarton!!! Thanks again." Murray Falconer, Ayr

"What a lovely document. It is more than I expected and beautifully presented. I am sure my mum will be delighted with it. I have an interest in social history, so was particularly interested to read about how the social status of people was reflected in the number of rooms (with one or more windows). It has parallels to the views of some in society today. It sounds as though John had a comfortable environment. I had no idea about the first cousins who married. If anyone ever enquires about researching their Scottish roots, I will certainly pass your name on to them. I am very happy with what you have done for me. Once again, many thanks." C.N.

"Well, what a surprise - a delighted surprise. You have certainly researched and provided a wealth of information and I am more than impressed. The aspect with which I am most impressed is your professional ability to interpret situations and events in a manner which most non-professionals would be unable to. This is the reason why I believe that a professional of your calibre is essential in understanding our true historical past, rather than just a series of dates and numbers."   Richard Jackson, Tasmania

Margaret, I have just received your package. I do congratulate you on the outstanding presentation which makes things very clear. Now you have unearthed Isabella, it all makes sense! I am most grateful to you for all your work, as will other members of the wider family be when I pass on the information you have found.

D Gore, Berkshire

It is wonderful! The information you provided and the way you provided it was perfect, including the pictures. Knowing that such a large family existed tells me he must have relatives and I am furthering my research for the family that must have been left in Scotland. What you have done has motivated me to carry on and I will. Thank you so much.

Mary Miller, Ontario

Many thanks, Margaret - this was absolutely fascinating reading and has given me more incentive to go and find these places when we visit Scotland.

Trevor McLeod, South Australia

I had my family tree researched by Margaret Hubble. I was absolutely delighted with the results and the way it was explained and documented. I intend to have another part of my family researched at a later date and there is no doubt in my mind that I shall use this service again. A very pleasant and efficient experience.


Nancy Wilson, West Lothian

Margaret, right from our first contact, was very approachable and efficient. The work she did on my family tree was of the highest quality. The documents she produced for me were delivered with speed, professionalism and a very reasonable cost. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.


Nigel Cattell, England

After finding no hope on any of the Internet sites to find my family tree, I came across Margaret Hubble's site and thank goodness I did. My mother requested her family tree for her 60th birthday. Not only did Margaret's presentation package seem to be the answer, but on arrival it exceeded all expectations! My mother was so delighted that words could not describe. Thank you Margaret for giving our family an amazing look into our history. You have a special touch!


Holly Stewart-Ross, London 

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Margaret Hubble in tracing my Scottish ancestry! The quality and accuracy of her work, along with her prompt follow-up and attention to detail is superior to any researcher I have ever worked with in any field. I recommend her without hesitation as a very competent and reputable person.


George L Duncan, Mass. USA


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